The tool that allows you and your loved ones to collaborate efficiently when tracking and sharing important health information

Create a dataset for yourself or a loved one and see how much easier it becomes to manage medication, record and remember doctor's appointments, track symptoms, share changes in you or a loved ones health, and more!

It is especially useful for careminders and family members of the elderly, or people with complex medical conditions

No more handwritten and endlessly rewritten prescription lists, or forgotten appointments or appointment dates
No more digging for family or medical contact info, or one-off emails and calls to try and keep family up to date!
Keep family and health aides synced up with the latest changes in your condition by having your health info accessible and all in one place with HealthSync!

We built this mobile app to help you and your loved ones navigate the healthcare system, NOT profit from your contact information. We will not, under any circumstances share your data. Your records are secure, belong to you, and maintained by HealthSync alone!