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Why did I create this app, and why does the world need another app?


Many of you know that alongside my company BuildingLink, I've also been feeding a great interest in the future needs and market potential of the aging-in-place phenomenon, also known as Senior Independent Living. I have both personal and professional interests in this space and and everyone understands that as the senior population over 65 explodes in the next 15 years, there are not going to be even the inadequate resources available today to be able to age with dignity, and to reduce the massive friction faced by seniors and their families as they navigate the systems, with one of the biggest being the healthcare systems.


Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to accompany one parent or another (thankfully, both around and in their 90's) to doctors, consultants, labs, hospital inpatient services, outpatient services. The amount of information these organizations are constantly asking for, and the number of times they keep asking for the same information, would be annoying for anyone, but is especially exhausting for seniors who often have complex medical conditions and multiple diagnoses and medications, and who are simultaneously inversely impacted by reduced ability to remember and to organize the data: names, dates, medications, doctors, symptoms, and even contact info for relatives. It's a double whammy.


Getting  and staying on top of all this information takes its toll on seniors, and their family members and care providers. Family members suffer missed days of work, hours spent waiting in waiting rooms (aptly named), vacation plan interrupted, and no easy way to share the burden and the knowledge with siblings, grand-kids etc. It's truly every man (or woman) for themselves, and it will just be getting worse.


Which is why I created HealthSync. Let's even the playing field, by providing ourselves, and our seniors, and some or many of our relatives and friends, a simple way to "crowd source" the process of viewing, maintaining and sharing of their frequently-needed health and medical data.


We built this mobile app to help you and your loved ones navigate the healthcare system, NOT profit from your contact information. We will not, under any circumstances share your data. Your records are secure, belong to you, and maintained by HealthSync alone!

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